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KB&GW Partners, as a company, initiates cooperation with customers in every possible aspect of the office space issues. These efforts include negotiations, solving problems regarding projects as well as the actually binding national legal regulations.


Our activities are directed at the expectations of our customers and are generally focused on:

  • Consulting the customer in the creation phase of the project;
  • Selection of a market offer, adequate to the needs and abilities of the customer;
  • Effective application of customer's solutions;
  • Optimal feasibility of projects through choice of adequate terms of realization;

Generally we support our customers in the office space market as:

  • Negotiators in the process of the office space lease;
  • Negotiators of acceptable costs connected with the investment;
  • Auditors of lease contracts for office space;
  • Assistants in relocations or sublease of the office;
  • Organizers of services for the office space;
  • Guarantors for the safety of the transaction, with proven experience in this range;
  • Supporters in the evaluation process of the leased or bought office spaces.

The Offer

In creation of the market offer generally we stand on the foundation of customer's needs. Therefore our activities are focused on selection of proper conditions for the conduct of office activities. For this purpose our experts examine:

  • The location of the office space against the communication centers as well as their diversity and character;
  • The magnitude of the "common space" factor, executing expedient manipulations in order to optimize its value;
  • The attractiveness of a given offer, putting particular attention to the inner infrastructure of the building and the adjacent premises;
  • The costs of service maintaining the office space;
  • The costs of exploitation or purchase of the office space.

With the experience of our employees and due to satisfaction of our customers the company is able to maintain a high coverage of office space in projects located both in the downtown and suburban areas of Warsaw.

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