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KB & GW Partners strives for cooperation with our customers in all possible dimensions related to the home and apartment space. This includes the following:

  • Consulting in development of projects by the customer;
  • Choice of a suitable market offer, adequate to needs and possibilities of the customer;
  • Effective execution of customer's solutions;
  • Optimizing of projects through choice of suitable realization terms;

We support our customers in the home and apartment market generally as:

  • Negotiators in the process of apartment and home lease;
  • Negotiators of appropriate investment costs;
  • Guarantors for the safety of the transaction, with proven experience in this range.

The Offer

Preparation of the market offer model is generally based on base of customer needs. In order to achieve this we concentrate on:

  • Selection of proper environmental space. The choice of location suitable for the customer includes:
    • The density of residential space in a given area;
    • Type of residential construction (high rise, low);
    • Local communication network, in case of urban location its intensity and consequently the degree of noise level within the living area;
    • Proximity to main points of customer's interests, for example to work;
    • Proximity of green areas i.e. parks, woods, squares.

  • Selection of proper economic environment. Generally we pay attention on customer needs tied to his demands, correlated with resources at his disposal and referring to the habitation and the infrastructure surrounding this habitation. The infrastructure includes:
    • The number of public utility buildings and their proximity to living areas;
    • The number of commercial service outlets and their proximity to the living areas:

  • Selection of proper social environment. For this purpose we perform numerous interviews within the local community, so the customer can receive information on:
    • The neighborhood;
    • The property administrator who will manage the living space of the customer
    • Generally understood "feeling" within the place of living;

Our activities are motivated with the desire to assure appropriate psychic comfort within the habitation.

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